BEE'NOME is a database developed by the ITU Center for Excellence in Education, now being matured within the scope of the EELISA project.

BEE'NOME, is a project based on the collection of keywords within the ITU ecosystem, entered into the system at regular intervals by our stakeholders, in areas of their interest and summarize the subjects that they wish to self-improve.

Once the project is completed, approximately 200.000 ITU students, including graduates, will be able to exchange their knowledge, experience and other resources in the fields of education, research and practice with the philosophy of lifelong learning, and create 'co-learning communities' based on their common learning tendencies.

Within the scope of the BEE'NOME project, keywords expressing the subjects they wish to self-improve or share information/experience with other members of the ITU ecosystem, will be collected from students, academics, administrative staff and external stakeholders and processed on the world map.

Members of the ITU ecosystem, no matter where in the world, will be included in activities such as education, research and application with their different roles, that will be defined in terms of supply and demand.  All has been made possible by the advances of digital technologies.

The university will go beyond being an institution that 'ends' with graduation, and will be transformed into an institution that is associated with different roles throughout life and is embedded in society.

BEE'NOME will support all elements and actors of ITU's digital transformation process. Collaborating with all units and stakeholders in order to develop business models for the most effective evaluation of the information within the BEE'NOME database and  associating it with different units and fields of activity within ITU; especially with the Department of Information Technologies, Office of the Dean of Research, Directorate of Corporate Communications, Alumni Office, Alumni Association.

BEE'NOME will be executed in coordination with the teams involved in the rating studies carried out at ITU, the EELISA European University project and digital transformation studies.

Keywords entered into the system by members of the ITU ecosystem will flow from the home page. The aim is to reflect the potential of ITU, Alumni and stakeholders in the fields of education, research and practice.

BEE'NOME will facilitate the gathering of individuals with similar interests, as well as making it easier for individuals with special demands or abilities to be recognized in crowds and to benefit from their creative potential.

Join us and be a part of this unique experience!