Our students Duygu Tozaraydın and Vivian Haxhiraj competed in the “EELISA InnoHack” competition held at the UPB campus in Bucharest alongside students from UPM, UPB and SNS.

The two students represented ITU and competed in this 40-person competition. The contestants listened to the experience sharing of various entrepreneurs and received training on topics such as the basics of founding a start-up. On the last day, they formed a team and presented their ideas which were rated by 4 jury members. Among the 7 teams, our students introduced the ITU team to be multicultural.   They came together with students from variousEELISA member institutions and gained work experience. They created and competed with a sustainability-oriented start-up idea.

Our students finished in  second place and won prize money  in this competition. They returned home  as the only team that offered a solid product (other than app or digital platform) based on both design and engineering. We congratulate our students for their success as they have made us proud by representing our university at an EELISA event!