"We are the EELISA Student Club of Istanbul Technical University. Our main goal is to inform students about the opportunities EELISA offers, its communities, and encouraging them to participate in the EELISA activities. The idea of the EELISA student club emerged from the EELISA Research Based Learning Symposium organized by ITU in May 2022. Our club has recently taken part in the ITU 'Back to School’ Festival and ‘EDUCATE’ (Education About Climate Change and Polar Science) event. During both events, our club members successfully informed students about the opportunities offered by EELISA. Our Club will also be coordinating the European Dimensional Activities (EDA) in the forthcoming November 2022 session of the ATHENS Programme. Also in November 2022, we will be organizing our first official event in the form of a student debate on 'Science for Peace'.

Our club also participates in Sustainability Development Goal 17 'Partnership for Goals'. In this framework, our club aims to collaborate with students from all universities of the EELLISA Alliance. The Sustainable Development Goal 17 consists of 'strengthening the means of implementation and revitalizing the global partnership for sustainable development' as stated on the sdgs.un.org website. With EELISA’s 'United in Diversity' motto, we aim to boost engineering, innovation, and entrepreneurship in Europe through projects and activities carried out by students from 7 countries."