Frequently Asked Questions about EELISA Joint Catalogue Courses

1. How can I access EELISA Joint Catalogue Course List?

All the courses specified in the framework of EELISA Joint Catalogue are going to be shared through a platform on EELISA website. The courses are going to be indicated in detail under certain themes.

2. When are the registration dates going to be announced for EELISA students

EELISA courses will be opened simultaneously in partner universities. The academic calendars of partner universities differ by beginning and ending times. The registration period belonging to each partner university will be stated specifically on EELISA platform.

3. How am I going to register? 

All the courses specified in the framework of EELISA Joint Catalogue are going to be shared through a platform on EELISA website. The courses are going to be indicated in detail under certain themes. The registration process is going to be conducted in cooperation with the professor teaching the course, EELISA Department/Program Coordinator, Dean of Students and Registrar’s Office. The successful students attending EELISA courses will be eligible for EELISA credentials and keeping track of this process falls under the responsibility of ITU EELISA Department/Program Coordinator. EELISA courses will not be counted for credit, but the students’ achievement will be added to their diploma supplement. For this, the students should:

  • Apply for the course at the host institution
  • Get an acceptance letter from the professor teaching the course
  • Submit the acceptance letter with your learning agreement (Learning Agreement Document) to EELISA Department/Program Coordinator
  • Submit the approved learning agreement with required paperwork to respective Faculty/Institute
  • Get approval from Faculty/Institute Administrative Board
  • Have the acceptance letter approved by ITU Dean of Students
  • Follow host institution’s registration guidelines
  • Get a certificate of attendance from the host institution and have the certificate approved by the Dean of Studies (or relevant unit) of the host institution at the completion of the term
  • Submit the approved certificate to EELISA Department/Program coordinator
  • The procedure for counting EELISA course for diploma supplement is executed by Student Registrar’s Office with approval from EELISA Department/Program coordinator

4. How am I going to attend classes starting at 8.30 a.m. online? Will time difference be considered?

You need to adjust your schedule according to host university class hours; the important point is to create a platform where you take courses together with host university students.

5. How am I going to participate in courses announced as hybrid mode?

You will be able to attend classes either physically on campus or online. EELISA students will be taking classes together with the students of the host university.

6. How are EELISA Joint Catalogue Courses different from Erasmus? 

Erasmus exchange activities may require additional financing and consequently they may not be preferred by students. As all the catalogue courses are planned to be conducted in hybrid mode, they are considered as low-cost exchange activities for students. Additionally, Erasmus students are subject to student adjustment procedures and the students select their courses accordingly. However, student adjustment is not considered preferential; courses are evaluated individually in EELISA.

7. What are the benefits of taking EELISA Joint Catalogue Courses for me?

In addition to opportunity of taking courses from professors who are experts in their fields in an international, multilingual and multicultural environment, if you complete a total of 6 credits of EELISA Joint Catalogue Courses within one academic year, you will be able to get an EELISA Diploma Supplement; and if you complete all the courses determined by a minimum of two campuses in the scope of joint degree successfully, you will be eligible for an EELISA Diploma. Joint degree studies are presently in progress. 

Documents for Students:

  Registration Procedure

  Learning Agreement 

For your questions, you can contact your department's EELISA coordinator.
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