EELISA brings together 9 technology universities from around Europe with the task of defining a common model of European engineering education. The Alliance envisions an education where learning, innovation, research and social impact merge. “EELISA innoCORE” will strengthen the work of the EELISA Alliance by deepening its research and innovation (R&I) dimension. EELISA-InnoCORE has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 R & I programme under GA No.101035811.

innoCORE aims to find common scientific and technological solutions to social and global problems by establishing dialogue areas between actors inside and outside of the university. In line with this goal, it supports all kinds of international R&I formations. Channels such as InnoCore research groups, joint laboratories and start-ups are utilized by universities to ensure continuous communication between the industry, public institutions and organizations and citizens by adopting the philosophy of open science, regardless of gender, sector or subject.

innoCORE will be guided by a set of key driving principles, which will also be guiding principles of ITU’s R&I activities given below:

• Autonomy for researchers and institutions to decide their own work lines.
• Bottom-up approach, where the initiative establishes joint research projects from individual researchers and innovators, and those deriving from societal needs.
• Excellence and multidiciplinarity through providing researchers the opportunity to collaborate with new stakeholders from various sectors, disciplines and countries, and the opportunity to use new research infrastructures.

The first innoCORE Symposium aims to bring together EELISA representatives of Research & Innovation Structures and share information jointly in line with the several purposes.

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